...there’s a whole valley to discover between you and me!!!

About me

I am a professional (and a bit of an artist) in the fields of sports and nature

My aim?

Making every effort to ensure you can fulfil your projects and meet your expectations.


VDAexplorer hiking tours in Aosta Valley comes from my idea of sharing with others – as a mountain professional –  my passion for nature and the territory where I live. Qualified as a hiking guide, I offer you the chance to discover the hidden and beautiful corners of Aosta Valley on foot. Walking, trekking, spending a weekend in mountain huts or an evening out enjoying local food and wine during a typical dinner… In every season, our excursions are an opportunity to share a unique experience in an atmosphere of great conviviality! Spend a day or more in the mountains leaving behind your daily routine; test yourself and your ability to share with others new experiences and unexpected situations… it is a training ground for life!

In winter as well as in summer mountains are an immense learning ground… We would like you to fall in love with our region while you walk on its most beautiful and unusual trails, hoping that you go home with a different perspective!

Why should you hike with a professional?

The mountain is a space of freedom and the perfect ground for adventure, but is also a territory involving real risks: it is important to know and assess them. Contact a professional hiking guide qualified by the Autonomous Region of Aosta Valley and you will find an expert having a sound knowledge of the territory and a strong leading ability while ensuring a safe trek.



You share everything in the mountain…  first of all the passion...Let’s meet each other!!

Escursioni in Valle d'Aosta