How to choose your activity

In Aosta Valley, hikers and mountain lovers are spoilt for choice, as this small alpine territory has a lot to offer: whether it is an easy walk or an intrepid climb, your every wish will be granted. It should pointed out, however, that for a successful hike or a few day trek, you must be conscious of your fitness level and have the suitable equipment and clothing.

In this regard, go and see the page                            choose the activity that better suits your need and check your training standard and experience. If you have any doubts, contact me for a technical advice:  on the basis of the information you give me, I will suggest you which tours you are able to successfully complete.

The tours listed in the following pages are intended to reach a large number of trekkers and are divided into three section:

  • half- a-day or one-day hike;
  • multi-day hike;
  • snowshoe hike.


All activities require a minimum standard of fitness and are suitable for healthy people. In this regard, you should inform me if you have any health problem or if you’re subject to medical treatment. All these recommendations are essential to avoid turning an enjoyable day in the open air into a masochistic exercise, risking your safety and the safety of the people hiking with you.

Whether it is a snowshoe tour, a guided visit of parks or a multi-day trek, the guide will adapt to your hiking rhythm and give you the chance to discover or rediscover the surrounding environment. When you choose the right hike for you, you will get a lot of fun and personal satisfaction.

A relaxed walk around a lake or a more demanding hike over 2.000 m above sea level are an example of  what you can choose among a variety of possible excursions: in Aosta Valley there are more than 5.000 km of trails to hike together!

VDAexplorer hiking tours in Aosta Valley offers a very broad range of possibilities suitable for trekkers of all levels, ages and skills who want to discover the places we cherish. Whether you are on your own or in a group, you will always find a good reason to come and hike with me!


Note: the activities you will find below are some suggestions of hikes and treks and are constantly being updated. I hope they can meet your expectations, but of course, I am at your disposal to create an event tailor made to your needs. All you have to do is contact me!

Escursioni in Valle d'Aosta