Team Building in Aosta Valley

In the heart of the Alps, in the beautiful setting of the Gran Paradiso National Park or at the foot of the Monc Blanc massif, Vdaexplorer offers its experience in organizing events that increase the “team spirit” of your company in summer as well as in winter. Stimulate the performance of your employees, increase their vitality and wellness creating a positive and constructive atmosphere. Vdaexplorer, an expert in creating mountain events, will help you in the planning, implementation and management of your high altitude seminar.

Snowfall – winter activity

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success (Henry Ford quote)

A full day out including an outdoor excursion and a thematic activity about snow and avalanches with an new approach, unknown to most of you…

In addition to the theoretical knowledge of snow, consisting of the projection of multimedia material and a practical evaluation of snow with snow thermometer, magnifying loupe and a snow crystal card, we will know the main self-rescue tools.

We will deal with the importance of team work in case of avalanche and in the afternoon, the participants will be given some goals to reach, they will use self-rescue tools (avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe) and will take part actively in a simulated avalanche search.

Managing the emergency in outdoor activity – summer or winter activity

Competition leads to defeat. People pulling the same rope in two different directions get tired and get nowhere. (Deming William Edwards quote)

Day committed to team work in order to optimise the resources during an emergency, to know the roles, to give the tasks within the group to achieve one unique goal: managing the emergency correctly.

​During the activity, we will understand the importance of a correct and fast request of intervention and rescue as well as the need of a coordination for better managing the situation.


 We will face the following stages:

  • What to do (actions);

  • Who does what (roles and responsibility);

  • How to do what (technical operating procedures);

  • When and which priority (ideal sequence to manage all possible sceneries following priority criteria).


Subjects covered: the correct emergency call, the tools enabling a rapid localisation of the group, the scene safety, the group managing, the leader and the distribution of tasks, the activity of helicopter rescue.

In mountain using your head – summer or winter activity

How to organize accurately an outdoor activity in the mountains.

Subjects covered: basic concepts on how to read and to orientate a topographic map, how to use a compass, the dangers of mountains, how to prepare your itinerary correctly, first aid kit, alpine meteorology and how to manage the emergency.

All activities involve a part with multimedia material and a practical lesson with simulations and role-playing games in the field and, at the end, a debriefing to discuss about the methods and resources used to carry out the team work throughout the day.

I find my bearings – summer activity

What a paternity that of trees, which can give to each of their branches a path towards the light. (Lorenzo Oliván quote)

Activity dedicated to learning the basic principles of topography and orientation, with the projection of multimedia material and practical exercises consisting of reading the topographic map and using a compass.

In the afternoon, team activity of “photographic orientation”, a game consisting of covering a specific area looking for places and objects, using a compass and a map with some numbered points. The team that first ends the game, taking pictures of all the points showed on the map, wins.