Recitals: when you take part in one of our activities you accept the rules set by the guide – who is the sole person liable - during the activity itself. Before you enrol to one activity, you should check your fitness level:  to this end, use the subsection Technical difficulties you find on the exploration menu and the technical sheets concerning each activity to help you judge your shape/physical capability. The guide reserves the right not to accept the enrolment of people who are not adequately fit or enough experienced or do not have adequate equipment for the activity. Those who participate to any activity releases the organizers from any and all liability for any damage to property of, or personal injury to any third party, resulting from their participation in the activities.


Registration/Enrolment: it is possible to book through our website, by email or by phone – look at the subsection Contacts. If it is a group enrolment, please nominate a group leader, who will be our sole point of correspondence and contact. If the minimum number of participants is not reached, the activity can be cancelled. Or, if all participants accept, the activity will be held, adjusting the price accordingly.



Activity cancellation:


  • before: Vdaexplorer guided hiking tours in Aosta Valley reserves the right to cancel any activity if the minimum number of participants is not reached or to proportionally increase the cost of the activity. In case of a multi-day activity for which an advance payment as a deposit is required, you will be asked to pay the deposit only if the minimum number of participants – you will be informed about by email -  is reached. In case of bad weather or bad snow conditions (risk of avalanches) for winter activities, another date will be suggested or you will be fully refunded net of the bank charges for the deposit;



  • during: if the weather suddenly worsens during the activity, a modification to the programme will be suggested for the day or half-a-day activity, but you will not be refunded about this. During the activity Vdaexplorer reserves the right to ask a participant to stop an activity if he/she has a technical or fitness level inadequate for that activity or if the participant behaves in a way that he puts his safety and the one of other people at risk. If you leave because of too much fatigue, no other mean of transport will be provided to reach the start point and you will not be refunded about this. In all above situations no refund can be requested.



If you cancel an activity, the following rules apply:


  1. half-a-day or one-day hikes: since no deposit is required, the cancellation is not subject to any deduction;

  2. two-day or multi-day tours:

  • ten days before the start date of the activity: refund of the whole amount paid as a deposit, net of the bank charges.

  • 10 to 5 days before the start date of the activity: refund of 50% (per person) of the amount paid as a deposit, net of the bank charges;

  • 5 to 2 days before the start date of the activity: refund of 25%  (per person) of the amount paid as a deposit, net of the bank charges;

  • The day before the activity or the same day: the amount paid as a deposit will not be refunded at all.



If you leave any activity by your choice, no refund will be paid.


During the activity: participants must follow the instructions given by the guide. Vdaexplorer will not be liable for any accident or injury that may occur because of the reckless behaviour of one participant. Any decision about the change of itinerary or programme according to snow, weather and terrain conditions, the physical shape of participants and their technical level is entirely a competence of the guide. Participants must not take paths other than the ones set by VDaexplorer, unless they have been explicitly authorized.


Insurance: the civil liability insurance of hiking guides covers any damage caused by accidents occurring during an excursion, if the accidents are due to the negligent behavior of the guide. This insurance does not cover, for instance, the medical expenses for sprains due to a slip on the path. For this reason, you should buy a personal accident insurance which covers any activities you do in the mountains.



Adversarial proceedings: in case of difficulties with the interpretation of the provisions mentioned above, the parties shall endeavor to resolve amicably the disputes that may rise between them. In the event that no agreement is reached, the Court of Aosta is competent to settle any disputes.



Minors: minors shall be accompanied by a guarantor and  supervisor or a waiver must be filled out and signed by their parents.

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